Misted Windows

Misted windows replaced from £18.90!

If your old UPVC windows are misted on the inside of the unit, this can’t be fixed. The unit/glass needs to be replaced. This is a relatively simple job and will transform the look of your home – both from the outside and in!

Eiger are specialists in replacing misted windows and failed UPVC window units. But we not only replace them with like for like glass, we can also upgrade the unit to a new Energy Saving A, B or C rated one which could save you money on your fuel bills.

We can replace a single unit with standard glass  £27.50 or replace a full house with energy saving units from as little as £695! Call us on 0161 491 3916 now for more information – or click here to contact us for a FREE no obligation survey and quotation.

Specifications for replacing misted windows with Energy Saving Units

If replacing misted windows/failed UPVC Units in a complete window frame, it is possible to upgrade the entire unit with energy saving glass. These units come in A, B and C ratings. The industry standard for building regulations is a C rated unit. C rated units are normally manufactured with low E planitherm or planibell glass with Argon Gas inside and aluminium spacer bar.

A rated units are normally manufactured with low E planitherm or planibell glass, Argon Gas inside the unit, swiss warm edge spacer bar and low iron glass to outisde pane. These types of ebergy saving units can be fitted to your existing UPVC window frames saving you hundreds of pounds over their lifetime.

C rated units can cost as little as £30 for up to 300 x 400mm per unit. Conservatories can be upgraded to solar performance double glazed units using Celsius Elite Glass keeping your conservatory cool in the summer and warm in the winter.